Hybrids Park for Free

hybridWe want to reward you for doing your part to reduce energy consumption, and your carbon footprint. That is why we offer complimentary parking when you arrive in your Hybrid vehicle.

Corporate Long Stays

corporate stays extendedIf you're relocating for a new job or are working a contract and need a second home, then be sure to check out the Oswego Hotel's Corporate Longstay Rates. Depending if you're staying in a studio suite or a one bedroom suite for a few weeks or for a few months, the heavily discounted rate can range anywhere from $85/night - $100/night.

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Long Winter Stays

suite parliament buildingsWeekly and Monthly Rates

The Oswego Hotel’s well-appointed studios and suites feature everything you need for deluxe extended-stay living. They offer a wonderful combination of luxury and comfort, and all suites are fully equipped with gourmet kitchens (studios feature kitchenettes) and many other amenities — from soaking tubs to free Wi-Fi and more — to make you feel at home.

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Insurance Claims

insurance claimsSometimes catastrophes are just out of your control. Whether your house was damaged by a flood, fire, or storm, the end result is always the same; you and your family need a sanctuary and a place to call home until the damages can be repaired. For many, having the Oswego to call home during such an emotional travesty is a great comfort.

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Dining at the O Cafe and Bistro

o bistro dining

You can often smell the crisp ocean air from our beautifully designed O Cafe and Bistro’s patio. Read More

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